Handpicked Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Handpicked Jewelry for Everyday Wear

We've handpicked some pieces which are as comfy as your pyjamas, and definitely are suitable to wear them 24/7!




Last week, we did a poll on Instagram! Because we were curious about everyone's work-from-home outfit. And yea, here's the result!


To be honest, we are also team B! Homewear (or maybe pyjamas) is always too comfy. Sometimes, it's just simply because we're kinda lazy to change our outfit *opps*.

So, we've handpicked some pieces which are as comfy as your pyjamas, and definitely are suitable to wear them 24/7!



Our 24/7 Comfy Principle:


1. Rust-free

Basically all our products are rust-free, and most importantly they won't make your skin turn green (unlike copper jewelry)! You don't even need to bother removing them when showering.


2. Matches with anything

Goes well with any of your everyday outfit. Grocery day, video conference day, home dating day, food takeaway day, parcel collection day and literally everday!


3. Won't affect your daily life activities

All presented in minimalist and lightweight design, so you won't feel uncomfortable when wearing them to sleep. You'll even forget that you're wearing them sometimes




Petite Hoops

Different from your typical mini round hoops, Petite Hoops are in oblong shape which adds more personality to you. This is why it's always one of our best sellers! *Pssst* If you need more sparkles for your outfit, just simply add on a Flat Earcuff



Sleek Snake Chain Bracelet

It's the Never-Took-It-Off-Since-Day-1 bracelet. Sleek and minimalist with no fancy ornaments, but the shine of the bracelet itself is enough to stand out.



Beaded Necklace

No need for any necklace pendant, all the small beads on the necklace itself are the main features. It's basic and goes perfectly with any outfit. You can also easily adjust the necklace to your desirable length. 



Stacker Ring

If you never owned a ring before, this is the best starter ring for you. It comes as an open ring design, which you can gently squeeze it to fit most of your fingers. You can also add on any other rings to match with it! 




While being stuck at home may be a little frustrating, we recommend giving youself some extra love and pamper. Sometimes if you're feeling a little on edge, and need some pick-me-up, get a pretty thing to brighten up your day!





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