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We notice that our silver jewelries are more prefered by our customers, due to the fact that maybe most of you think gold jewelries are harder to style. So we tried a few compostions with our ring collection and we think maybe mixing silver and gold rings might be a good start for you to try out a new style! As you can try to get a gold piece and style with it. So, here are some ideas that we would like to share with you!




#1 : choose a main colour as your theme

based on your outfit choose either silver or gold to be the main colour, simply style your accesories in 2+1 combination. eg: [ 2 silver + 1 gold ] or [ 2 gold + 1 silver ]. so there is still a focal point on your overall look.

left image   :  twisted ring + stacker ring + bullet ring
right image :  twisted ring + stacker ring



#2 : mixing different width of rings

combination of wide + narrow ring together can create a unique hierarchy look.

left image  : twisted ring + stacker ring + tw ring
ring image : bold ring + stacker ring



#3 : the accent ring

1 accent ring + 1 / 2 plain rings are just nice. an accent ring is a piece that stands out, and the plain rings are to complement the accent ring. pick 1 accent ring which is more ornated as the highlight.

left image   : stacker ring + twisted ring
right image : twisted ring + stacker ring tw ring


Hope that our ideas can help you explore some new ring styles, and try new stacking combinations! You are welcome to tag us and share with us your ring stack too 🤍



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