The Reason Why Everyone Is Using 925 Silver

The Reason Why Everyone Is Using 925 Silver

What is 925 Silver and why?



925 Silver 

925 Sterling Silver jewelry is known for it's trendy & timeless look. It's shiny and bright while still being able to provide a sense of quality & durability. That being said, 925 silver is also starting to be favored by all fashion enthusiasts alike.

So why is everyone switching to 925 silver? How can you be sure that your jewelry is in fact made from 925 sterling silver?

In this article, we put up a simple guide to help you understand how you can choose your next fashion accessory piece with peace in mind.




How To Identify 925 Silver

The easiest way to identify your 925 Sterling Silver is to look for stamp or "hallmark" on your jewelry pieces. Authentic 925 Silver will be stamped with the word "925" or "sterling".

You may also come across other hallmarks such as "STG", "SS" or "STER" which are also common notations of sterling silver.

It's also important to remember that 925 Silver and Sterling Silver are essentially the same thing. With that knowledge, you’ll recognize that any item of silver jewelry labeled sterling or 925 is in fact 925 Sterling Silver!

925 Silver

Left: Chain Necklace
Right: Petite Hoops 



925 Silver In Jewelry

When used in jewelry making, 925 Silver is versatile, elegant and timeless. It offers a classy touch of shine to your outfit and immediately elevates your style. When kept properly, your 925 Silver jewelry can last for decades.

Here's some popular types of 925 Sterling Silver that we love: 

  • Rings
    Hypoallergenic, leaves no marks and doesn't irritates skin. Unlike some copper or zinc jewelry that makes your skin turn green after long periods of wearing.

  • Necklace
    Usually made into necklace chains & pendant due to it's lightweight and durability.

  • Earrings
    Cheaper metals may cause irritation or infections. So make sure you're buying 925 Silver for your next pair of favorite earrings.

  • Bracelet
    That extra touch of shine on your wrist makes 925 Silver bracelets just a lot more precious.




    Things To Know When Buying 925 Silver

    Due to the fact that silver is both a color and an element, there may be some confusion surrounding the different types of silver. The word silver may also be used to describe alloys that contain less than 92.5% silver, and a few that contain no silver at all.

    If you don’t see a 925 silver "hallmark", shop elsewhere. It’s not worth buying a low-quality metal disguised with a coating of sterling silver, which ultimately wears off, looks cheap and can lead to skin irritation or worst, an allergic reaction.

    925 Silver is a great choice for people with sensitive skin as cheap metals such as nickel or brass can cause infections especially in earrings. Shopping with a trustworthy company and doing your research is important if you’re shopping for genuine 925 sterling silver.


    925 Silver

    Left: Chain Ring
    Right: Layer Ring 


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