How to Untangle Necklace

How to Untangle Necklace

Don’t say goodbye to your tangled necklace! Try out this simple and easy way to untangle it.

We know the frustration to see your favourite necklace tangled. Don’t worry, try out this simple and easy way! All you will need is a toothpick and a bit of patience!



How to:
1. Place your tangled necklace on a flat and hard surface, such as table.
2. Gently poke the toothpick into the center of the knot and wiggle it.
3. Wiggle it till you see the knot is getting loose.
4. Use the toothpick and your fingers to slowly pull apart each strand.

✨ You can replace the toothpick with any thin pointed item, such as needle or safety pins!
✨ If your necklace is ridiculously tangled, do not try to untangle it with your fingers, but try using two (2) toothpicks!

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