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Silver Polishing Cloths

Silver Polishing Cloths

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Keep your favourite piece shine and sparkle with our silver polishing cloth. It's pretreated with tarnish-cleaning and polishing compounds, designed to clean and polish your tarnished silver jewelleries.


Suitable for

  • Regular Cleaning - Gently wipe off any dirt before storing in a ziplock bag 
  • Remove Tarnished - Gently wipe and buff your tarnished silver jewellery with it



  • Come with two (2) el-jo silver polishing cloths (8 x 8cm).
  • The cloth will turn black with tarnish after polishing, but it's still an effective cleaner. Change a new cloth only when you see it no longer shines your jewellery.
  • Do not wash the pretreated silver polishing cloth as this will damage the compounds and affect its ability to clean silver.
  • You will receive a complimentary piece of Silver Polishing Cloth with every order containing 925 Silver jewellery, add on this product if you need extra polishing cloths.

*Excluded from all Sales & Promo Code usage.

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